You don’t need weights to build strength and burn fat

Although growing muscle hypertrophy and general strength using weighted equipment—such as dumbbells, the finest kettlebells, or a barbell—is beneficial, not everyone enjoys or can perform weight training.

You may achieve a full-body workout by combining a range of exercises that focus on distinct muscle groups.

Bodyweight exercises are quite popular because they are very handy for people with hectic schedules or restricted access to gyms, as they can be done anywhere, at any time.

They can help you gain more functional strength and mobility, which will make daily tasks and other types of exercise simpler for you because they rely on your body's natural resistance.

Compound motions, like the one above, are a common feature of bodyweight exercises that target many muscle groups at once.

This will aid to create improved muscular coordination and balance in addition to increasing the amount of calories burned during the activity.

Regardless of your level of experience, you may create a demanding yet safe exercise by changing the moves or the amount of reps to meet your capabilities.

You can alter as necessary if you're healing from an injury or don't currently have much strength.