Y2k Hair Color Ideas You Can Totally Pull Off In 2024

High Ponytail:

Mastered by celebrities like Ariana Grande, this iconic look is elevated with jewel accessories and colorful extensions, then secured with a boar bristle brush.

Deep Side Parting:

Channeling a nostalgic vibe, create a deep side part reminiscent of the early 2000s, using natural color bobby pins to hold the hair in place and complementing it with either a high pony.

Crimped Hair:

Embrace the essence of the Y2K era with crimped hair, following in the footsteps of icons like Christina Aguilera and Shakira, achieved effortlessly with a bed head crimper.

Bright Pins and Hair Clips:

Transport yourself back to the early 2000s with butterfly clips and colorful bobby pins, easily accessible from online platforms like Amazon, adding a playful.

Space Buns and High Pigtails:

Inspired by music icons like Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears, opt for high, tight, or messy space buns or high pigtails, styled neatly with hairspray.

Zig Zag Part:

Complete your Y2K-inspired hairstyle with a zig zag part, using a rat tail comb for precision, embracing the authenticity of the era's styling choices.

Beaded Baby Braids:

Incorporate subtle Y2K fashion into your look with beaded braids, utilizing synthetic extensions for added volume, and securing with gel or hairspray for a trendy yet nostalgic appearance.