These Rare Marilyn Monroe Photos Are Stunning

During the month of March in 1955, Marilyn was photographed wearing a white robe. She had just completed applying her cosmetics at the time.

September of 1953, wearing a negligee that was decorated with fur and a diamond bracelet around her wrist.

In these set of photographs shot in July of 1955, Marilyn wore a cashmere sweater that was crimson in color.

After robbing the costume department of 20th Century Fox with photographer Milton Greene in April of 1956, she later dressed up as a gypsy palm reader.

Marilyn was shown sitting on the floor during a 1953 Look magazine session due to an injured ankle. Once deemed risqué, this picture has not been released until now.

During the year 1955, the movie star appeared for a photo session with Look magazine.

Marilyn modeled two ensembles from a rack of garments left over from a fashion shot in October 1955 as Greene put up lighting for two shootings the following day.