The Top 9 Most Likely Places To Encounter Bobcats In The United States

California: With an estimated population of 70,000 to 100,000, bobcats are often found in state and national parks like Point Lobos and Pinnacles National Park.

Texas: Thriving with as many as 200,000 bobcats, south Texas's brush country is a hotspot, with one bobcat per less than one square mile.

North Carolina: Home to over 125,000 bobcats, wooded areas in the Coastal Plain region and mountains are their preferred habitats.

Colorado: Despite fewer bobcats, encounters are rising due to habitat loss; they dwell in juniper woodlands and may venture into urban areas near forests.

Georgia: Mixed forests and agricultural areas are common spots to spot bobcats, where they rarely pose a threat to humans.

Oregon: While prevalent, encounters are rare; western Oregon hosts most, but they prefer cover and are active during dusk and dawn.

Arizona: Adapting to various habitats, they're often seen in the Sonoran desert and outskirts of urban areas like Phoenix and Tucson.

Florida: Despite a decreasing population, around 300,000 bobcats inhabit Florida, with Big Cypress National Preserve being a notable habitat.

South Carolina: Around 90,000 bobcats reside here, with the lower Coastal Plain region boasting the highest population.