The 8 Best Long-Lasting Perfumes You Won't Need to Reapply

Angel Eau de Parfum

Mugler's well-known Angel perfume has notes of bergamot and red fruit, but what remains on your skin is the patchouli leaf at its base.

Rose Aqor Attar

According to Ilolahia, extrait de parfum, which typically has a scent concentration of about 30%, is the greatest concentration used in European perfumery.

Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum

With no indications of slowing down, this eau de parfum from Maison Francis Kurkdjian has already attained stratospheric fame.

Portrait of a Lady Parfum Spray

It's unlikely that you will even think about layering this strong fragrance by Frédéric Malle. Rose essence and patchouli heart notes make up Portrait of a Lady's extra-strong combination

Glossier You Eau de Parfum

The glossier Your parfum is designed to work with your body chemistry to produce a scent that is particular to you. In order for more of you to come through as the juice dries down

Tobacco Vanille Eau de Parfum

The warm and spicy Tobacco Vanille fragrance by Tom Ford offers the ideal balance of gourmand and musky undertones. In order to counterbalance the two,

Striking Parfum Spray

This scent begins with base notes of crocodile wood and amber, and it ends with a vibrant pink peppercorn accord that is reminiscent of lightning.

Coco Noir Eau de Parfum

The ambery Coco Noir eau de parfum from Chanel is one of their most popular fragrances; it offers a more complex blend of fruity and floral notes