9 Simple Exercises to Do While Cooking Holiday Meals

While stirring pots or mixing ingredients, take moments to stretch your arms and legs gently.

Stir and Stretch

Incorporate mini-squats while waiting for dishes to cook, keeping your leg muscles engaged.

Squats Between Stirs

Use the countertop for balance and do calf raises to strengthen lower leg muscles.

Calf Raises at Countertop

Alternate between lunges and stirring, targeting your leg muscles and improving flexibility.

Lunge and Stir

Tap your toes on the floor lightly while chopping or waiting for oven timers, boosting circulation.

Toe Taps

Make use of waiting time by doing arm circles to improve shoulder mobility.

Arm Circles While Waiting

Utilize kitchen walls for quick push-ups, strengthening arms and chest muscles.

Wall Push-ups

Practice balancing on one leg while waiting for water to boil or sauces to simmer.

Balance on One Leg

Before lifting heavy pots or trays, engage your core by holding a plank position for a few seconds.

Plank Prep

Incorporate step touches while waiting for microwave timers, adding a bit of cardio to your cooking routine.

Step Touches