9 Highlights from New York s State Parks

Harriman State Park

Features fast rapids, spectacular stepping stones, lush trees, and beautiful views. The best spring trout fishing is in Lake Skannatati. Hikers get bird's-eye views on difficult trails.

Taughannock Falls State Park

Stunning 400-foot cliffs and 215-foot waterfall. Its 750 acres offer a small but rich nature experience. Hiking trails that test endurance without challenging beginners.

Peebles Island State Park

Known for its fall orange trees, which are magnificent. The Hudson and Mohawk Rivers meet there, providing spectacular river vistas. A great place for trekking and cross-country skiing in winter.

Robert H. Treman State Park

Features 12 big waterfalls, including 115-foot Lucifer Falls. A steep gorge, Enfield Glen, is stunning and daring. Activities include hiking, camping, swimming, fishing, and romantic getaways.

Chenango Valley State Park

Glacial lakes adorn the landscape by reflecting the sky. In Fenton, it offers water sports near the Chenango River. Swimming, walking, hiking, camping, picnicking, 18-hole golf, and boat rentals.

Green Lakes State Park

Home to two mineral-rich blue meromictic lakes. Offers coves, tall trees, and a stunning skyline. A golf course blends nature with enjoyment.

Fillmore Glen State Park

Dark rocks and a dramatic stream make it lovely. Five waterfalls and a stunning gorge. Has unique geological formations that attract nature lovers. History aficionados visit for the Millard Fillmore homage.

Minnewaska State Park Preserve

Well-known for waterfalls and lakes. Coyotes, white-tailed deer, black-billed cuckoos, and Cooper's Hawks reside there. Over 40 paths reveal the preserve's beauty.

Hudson Highlands State Park

The eastern bank of the Hudson River offers some of the top tourist attractions at Hudson Highlands State Park. Train weeks in advance for the cliffside's hardest cut pathways.