9 Best Beaches in North Carolina

Carova Beach: Tranquil escape with 12 miles of sandy shores, wild horses, and Currituck Sound kayaking. Accessible only by 4WD.

Carova Beach

Escape to the secluded beauty of Cape Lookout National Seashore on North Carolina's Crystal Coast. Boat or ferry access only. Beach fun, historic sites, fishing, and stargazing await!

Cape Lookout

Cape Hatteras: Home to pristine beaches, iconic lighthouse, and sea turtle nesting grounds. Explore with off-road vehicles and horseback rides!

Cape Hatteras

Emerald Isle beckons families back with its pristine 12-mile beach, laid-back vibe, and bustling fishing pier. Enjoy ample amenities and a wide shoreline, plus nearby Indian Beach.

Emerald Isle

Explore Kill Devil Hills: premier Outer Banks destination with top beaches, family-friendly amenities, dining, and the historic Wright Brothers Memorial.

Kill Devil Hills

Holden Beach: Quaint seaside spot 25 miles from NC-SC border. Enjoy watersports, bird-watching, golf, fishing, and seafood. Don't miss fall fest!

Holden Beach

Explore tranquil Bald Head Island, accessible only by ferry. With no cars, enjoy biking or golf carts. 12,000 pristine acres boast 14 miles of serene shoreline. Encounter diverse wildlife, including 260+ bird species.

Bald Head Island

Nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and Currituck Sound, Corolla offers secluded charm on the Outer Banks' northern coast. Relax on sandy beaches, explore the lighthouse, and encounter wild horses on guided tours.


Nags Head, a hotspot on the Outer Banks, offers accessible beaches, dunes, fishing piers, the Bodie Island Lighthouse, and outdoor activities like hang gliding and kite flying. Plus, off-season permits allow beach driving.

Nags Head