9 Beautiful Side Part Hairstyles for All Lengths of Hair

Curl Sweep

Yara Shahidi flaunted her natural curls with a dramatic side sweep. You'll need a curling iron, brush, rat-tailed comb, mousse, and hairspray. Brush out knots, curl sections with mousse, define curls with cream if needed, sweep hair to one side

Side-Swept Braids

Create stunning braids like Tracee Ellis Ross with a fine tooth comb, elastics, hairspray, edge cream, and oil or mousse. Detangle, divide into 6 sections, apply product, weave into thick cornrows, secure with knots, pins, and hairspray.

Classy Side Sweep

Achieve a simple, elegant side-swept hairstyle with a few tools: rat-tailed comb, straightening iron, hairspray, and bobby pins. Part hair deeply, sweep to the side, pin, and set with hairspray. Optionally add beach waves for extra texture.

Glamorous Side Sweep

This elegant Hollywood-style hairdo is a red carpet favorite. Achieve it with a round brush, blow dryer, hairspray, and bobby pins. Start with damp hair, create soft curls, do a deep side part, and secure with pins and hairspray.

Braided Side Updo

Achieve a stunning side-swept braided updo. Curl hair, weave a Dutch braid, then wrap into a side bun. Secure with elastic bands, bobby pins, and hairspray.

Big Curls Side Sweep

Create volume with loose curls for a glamorous look. Apply mousse, curl mid-lengths, spritz with

Braided Side Bun

For a chic look, try the braided side bun, perfect for formal events like prom. Section hair, braid, then roll into a bun using pins and hairspray.

Loose Side Braid

Nina Dobrev rocks a chic messy side braid. Pull hair to a side, brush, then weave into a neat braid. Secure with elastic, pancake for volume, spritz with hairspray. Ready to shine!

Big Bouffant And Side Braids

Enhance your look with a hint of vintage flair in your hairstyle. Divide hair, tease the top for volume, then pin. Part the front, braid the bottom, and finish with hairspray for a chic, retro vibe.