9 After Wedding Haircut ideas For Women In 2024

Butterfly Haircut For Short Hair

The key to this short-length butterfly haircut is to add a ton of volume and structure. It adds more definition to your hair and is subtly attractive.

Butterfly Haircut For Short Hair With Fringe

The fringe gives your hair the necessary dimension even though it isn't as layered.

Butterfly Haircut With Light Layers

This butterfly haircut is a great option for short hair because of its face-framing layers. It also gives thin hair a ton of volume!

Short Butterfly Haircut With Highlights

Simple highlights added to short hair will give you a diva-like appearance. This short hairstyle with a butterfly cut can completely transform your hair!

Butterfly Haircut For Medium Hair With Highlights

This butterfly haircut is incredibly defined thanks to its wispy layers and subtle plum and brown undertones.

Butterfly Haircut With Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle is enhanced by the combination of longer layers at the end and shorter layers at the top.

Straight Butterfly Haircut

This hairstyle is suitable for people with thin hair because of the strong color and thick layers. 

Purple Butterfly Cut Hair

Maybe you should attempt this purple butterfly-cut hairstyle if you like to play around with vibrant, unique looks. 

Pixie Butterfly Haircut

You might go for a pretty-pixie butterfly hairstyle if you want to look carefree and young. Your hair will shine if you give it some gel or spray.