8 Ways To Make Your Nails Grow Longer And Stronger

Use A Cuticle Oil Daily: Hydration is the key to healthy nails, says session manicurist and Ama salon founder Ama Quashie."To have strong nails, they need to be healthy and healthy requires hydration," she explains.

Consider Biotin: Brittle, peeling nails may indicate biotin insufficiency, so you may want to take an additional dosage of this B vitamin. Amanda Griggs, dietitian, says biotin-rich diets may strengthen fragile nails.

Invest In A 'Soft' Nail File: Glass nail files are longer-lasting and easier to clean, although session manicurist Ami Streets recommends a'soft' file. To avoid nail tears and splits, use a gentle file for the finest finish, she recommends.

Nourish Your Nail Beds: This vitamin, often known as folic acid, repairs and multiplies nail cells, speeding growth and improving nail health. It also strengthens and prevents peeling. Griggs says folic acid promotes healthy skin, hair, and nail cell development.

Upgrade Your Nail Polish Remover: Chipped manicures make it tempting to grab any nail paint remover. Highly concentrated acetone, which dissolves nail polish swiftly, may dry up sensitive nails immediately, causing peeling, flaking, and splitting.

Give BIAB A Go: The building gel (BIAB) is thicker than gel polish. Beth Davis, head of The Gel Bottle's education department, says this will strengthen and lengthen your natural nails by adding a protective coating and a durable surface.

Eat A Nail-Friendly Diet: The healthiest diet for all-around health, including nails, is rich in diversity. Forget the crash-diet garbage you've been given for decades.  Griggs suggests 'a healthy rainbow diet comprising colorful fruit and vegetables, leafy greens.

Never Pick Your Nails: Though tempting, peeling off month-old gels will just destroy the top layer of your nails and leave them weak and thin. Remove gel nails by filing down the lacquer, wrapping them in acetone, and carefully removing them or making an appointment at the salon.