8 Top Quiet Pet Bird Species


The finch is a great choice for people who want a quiet bird because it is small and has a soft voice. Throughout the day, they make nice chirps and peeps, and even a small group doesn't make too much noise.


Like other members of the finch family, canaries also don t tolerate handling well and need a roomy flight cage. Moreover, these birds are relatively solitary and might fight when housed in the same cage.


Like their bigger parrot cousins, budgies (also called parakeets) can learn to talk very quickly. While budgies like to talk all day, they can't physically scream as loudly as a big bird bird.


A tiny parrotlet, like a budgie, can't screech like an Amazon parrot or a cockatoo. What they say and do is very soft, not loud enough to bother even the most sensitive ears. These birds are very active .


A cockatiel is a good choice for a pet bird that is a bit bigger than a sparrow or budgie. Even though cockatiels can be loud, their chirps are usually not too annoying, especially when compared to those of bigger birds.

Senegal Parrot

Senegal parrots tend to be calm and quiet, while many other parrots are known for being loud and demanding. Even though they can talk and make noise, they don't scream as often as other medium and big parrots.

Bourke s Parakeet

People like Bourke's parakeets because they are calm and quiet. Even though they make a lot of noise, they are most busy and talkative first thing in the morning and late at night. And even though they aren't very busy birds,


Dogs and cats can have doves as pets. They are calm and friendly, not loud or needy like many parrots. People like these birds because they make nice cooing sounds, but some people might find it annoying.