8 Things That Reveal a Person's True Character 

A person's closest friends' appearance shows their nature. I often tell myself I don't make particular pals. Not because I consider myself better.

Who Their Closest Friends Look Like

Humans have evolved to care regarding what others think and whether they are embraced or rejected.

How They React to Rejections

You can tell a person's actual character by how they treat others, especially when they get nothing in return.

Their Willingness to Help Others in Need

People can be delighted, envious, or apathetic when others succeed. When you announce your success, watch people's faces and body language.

How They Respond to Other People’s Success

How someone treats people below them in rank and authority can reveal much about them.

How They Treat People Who Rank Lower

Privilege can make people dictatorial, overbearing, and arrogant. They disregard others.

It also says a lot about how they handle success.

Social interactions can reveal a person's character. Do they always want the spotlight? Are they chatting more than listening? Are they interruptive?

How They Dominate Conversations

Being thankful, appreciative, and recognizing your life's goodness and others' goodwill is it.

Their appreciativeness