8 Must-Have Items for an Athlete's Gym Bag

Gym Bag

Think about if the gym bag will meet your needs before taking the time to pack it.

Gym Shoes

Although it may seem apparent, it's crucial to remember the kind of shoe you'll need for a given workout when choosing your gym shoes.

Workout Clothes

Nothing is more annoying than forgetting an essential piece of exercise equipment.

Gym Towel

For good reason, several clubs insist that you bring a towel to the exercise area.

Water Bottle

No one enjoys standing in queue at the water fountain, particularly following an intense HIIT or spinning class.

Tunes and Earbuds

Some people find that music helps them "get into the zone" and pace their exercise. Take along your music player or cell phone if you don't like the music your gym plays on the speakers.

Heart Rate Monitor

Although it is not required, having a heart rate monitor might be convenient when working out.

Energy Bars

You might wish to have one or two energy bars in your gym bag in case you need a pre- or post-workout snack.