8 Lovable Mixed-Breed Dogs You ll Want to Bring Home

These cute little dogs are also called Bichpoos. They look like fluffy teddy bears. A mixed-breed dog has parents that are close to each other, like toy poodles and bichons.


That's not really what this toy dog breed's name means these smart dogs are anything but porky. The Porkie is so small that it only weighs 7 pounds when it's fully grown.


There is no way in hell that a big Siberian dog and a Pomeranian could have kids. There is no need for a dog marriage or love bond.


The cockapoo is no different from other mixed-breed dogs in having more than one name. This mix of a cocker spaniel and a poodle is known as a spoodle in Australia.


The brown coat and masked face of this puppy make it clear that it comes from a boxer, but the wide face, drop ears, and sad eyes make it look like a Labrador retriever.


Many mixed-breed dogs have names that sound like they were written by a three-year-old. As an example, think about the Gerberian shepsky. The ears stand up, the eyes are sharp, and the coat is a clear sign.

Gerberian shepsky

This cute and friendly dog has great qualities from both of its parents, a standard poodle and an Australian shepherd. "One interesting thing about Aussiedoodles is that they are smart and easy to train.


You'll never want to leave home without this cute little treat, the Chorkie. You don't need to. The Yorkshire terrier and the Chihuahua are both toy breeds that weigh between 6 and 10 pounds and are about