8 Interactive Dog Toys for Small and Large Pups

A stuffed heartbeat toy that will be your dog's best buddy, comforter, and plaything, giving you the sweetest images ever.

A complex treat ball to explore for hours makes playtime more engaging than throwing them a bone.

A retractable tug rope for your tug-o-war-obsessed tank To let your dog tug without fear, this toy has no pointy pieces.

A laugh ball with a variety of noises that will engage them without driving you crazy, since your dog will roll it around 24/7.

A Barkbox rip-and-reveal plushie with a rippable outer layer that reveals another toy and a squeaker gives your tearful dog three toys they can't destroy.

A tooth-cleaning toy that bounces, squeaks, withstands your crazy dog's chewing, and brushes their teeth while you relax and put your feet up.

 A 2-in-1 Kong Jumbler ball that lets your energetic dog play tug-of-war, press down for the squeaker, or let them play on the tough outer with the tennis ball within.

Your dog will drool and aggressively bite a triangle tug toy made of 100% natural rubber and cotton.