8 Foods That Aren t Worth the Cost Anymore


Have you all recently checked the prices of Lays and Doritos? These days, it's not unusual to get a bag of chips in regular size for roughly $6. It's ridiculous.

Out-of-Season Produce

Thanks to states that keep warm enough to continue growing vegetables, it's beautiful that you can buy stuff like asparagus and corn on the cob in the dead of winter in places

Pop (aka Soda)

It used to cost one dollar for a two-liter bottle of soda. We'll be seeking for other drink options with lower price points because the same size is now at least twice as expensive.


It used to be so easy to stop at the cereal aisle. You picked out your favorite variety first and carelessly threw them into the trolley. That's a terrific way to give oneself sticker shock these days.

Ice Cream

This is unfortunate since who doesn't enjoy ice cream? What was once a delightful and reasonably priced pleasure to enjoy with loved ones has evolved into a high-end possession.

Restaurant Pizza

Admit it: When you've been told the total amount owing at the end of a phone order for pizza, you've undoubtedly responded, "On second thought, never mind, please cancel that order".


Getting a fresh dozen from the neighborhood doughnut store used to be reasonably priced. Now that a package of 12 donuts costs at least $15 $20, which goes into the "I'll pass" category

Candy Bars

The days of getting two for $1 candy bars at the gas station to quench a chocolate need are long, long gone. These days, it's difficult to get a Snickers bar for less than $2.