8 Face-Framing Haircuts With Layers That Flatter Any Face Shape

Platinum "Money Piece"

The money piece, you ask? This is your new hidden weapon. This is the hair at the frame of your face that catches the sun and lightens in summer. Layer, brighten, and rock.

Long Blow Out Layers

Longer face-framing items can help you achieve a stunning blowout. Long face-framing parts from the middle part face out in this wispy, professional haircut.

Lowlight the Frame

Use lowlights on face framing layers instead of highlights. In this hairstyle, lowlights on the face frame create the same dimension as highlights but are easier to manage.

Layered Curls

There is nothing pulling these curls down. If you keep adding layers, you won't either.

Face Framing Layers and Curtain Bang Combo

Can't decide on curtain bangs or face-framing layers? Try both. This hairstyle combines both styles for effortless cool.

Face-Framing Fringe

Brutelle would be pleased. The stylist's Bardot-worthy long fringe strikes cheekbones like no other.

Highlight the Frame

Make the strands lighter than the rest of the hair to highlight face framing. This long angled bob has delicate highlights throughout and dazzling highlights framing the face.

Low-Maintenance Layers

The ultimate cool-girl cut is classic, and we love the low-maintenance layers.