8 Best Things To Do In Winter Park, Florida

The Scenic Boat Tour is the best way to see Winter Park. It is Florida's oldest and greatest tourist attraction since 1938. They're open seven days a week, 364 days a year except Christmas.

Scenic Boat Tour

The base becomes a family amusement park in summer featuring putt-putt, rock climbing, bouncing houses, bungee jumps, an alpine slide, mountain rides

Winter Park Summer Activities

The mountain and a 1 mile trek from 10,000 feet to 11,300 feet for panoramic views. Although tricky and difficult due to altitude, the trek was worth every step.

Second Creek Hike

There are fantastic signage that describe the environment and many pathways for intensive or leisurely hikes went up the fire road to a trail

Continental Divide

Our kids loved a huge playground, climbing wall, and skate park, and its location near restaurants and trails made it handy for everyone.

Hideaway Park

Young and senior cyclists may enjoy nature on the paved Fraser path without going too far. Starting outside the Winter Park Resort, this walk follows the river through Downtown Winter Park

Running Fraser Trail

Although there isn't enough snow for a dog sled trip, these lively creatures still want to run! In summer, the dogs drive a cart with up to four persons, so you may appreciate these magnificent creatures.

Dog Sled Tours

Although mead botanical gardens is a well-known destination among visitors, Kraft Azalea Gardens continues to be an exceptional yet lesser-known feature of Winter Park.

Kraft Azalea Gardens