7 Whimsical Fairy Garden Corner Art Ideas

Natural Nooks and Crannies

Fitting a fairy garden entrance to a gnarled old tree is almost necessary. Sally J. Smith of Green Spirit Arts created this stunning piece at the end of a moss and stone stairway.

Fairy Garden Lights

They're called "fairy lights" for a reason. Little Tudor House on the Prairie's fairy garden is adorable and has DIY twinkly solar lights for nighttime parties.

Naturally Occurring Architecture

Yes! Real mushrooms! Pixies would utilize tree fungus as a stoop and awnings for a sassy red entrance. They planted a little pot with flowers for curb appeal.

Upcycled Fairy Garden

Leaving an attractive vintage suitcase in the yard may lead to pixies setting up camp (or a full-tilt home and groomed gardens). This Empress of Dirt endeavor magically redefines container gardening.

Cottage Fairy Garden

This adorable Olive and Love fairy garden shows how simple it is to create a magical nook in your yard. A store-bought porcelain cottage and a winding stepping-stone stairway amid the flowers seem like a fairytale.

Seasonal Fairy Gardens

This fairy garden from Farm and Foundry uses seasonal plant materials and colors and decorations like this fall solstice party décor with actual Chinese lantern pods stretched over the walkway.

Teacup Gardening

We all agree that fairy gardens should be little, yet Pixie Hill artist Nichola Battilana's teacup villages are spectacular.