7 ways to make your home naturally smell amazing

Try a Stovetop Scent

A few cupboard or refrigerator goods may produce the clean, fresh aroma of citrus and roses. "Simmer your preferred herbs, spices, and water in a pot.

Use Candles Carefully

While candles, diffusers, and fragrance sprays are simple methods to perfume your house, Gardner recommends using them only when you're not cooking; she warns avoiding burning scented candles while working in the kitchen.

Run a Lemon Through Your Garbage Disposal

You may not notice the fragrance of your waste disposal, but lingering aromas might be unpleasant for guests. Fortunately, there's an easy solution to get rid of the odor—and make your entire kitchen smell better in the process.

Make a Fabric Spray That Removes Pet Odors

While the scent of wet dog or fishy cat food may no longer be appealing, removing pet odors can enhance the overall smell of your home (particularly for guests).

Use Room Sprays With Subtle Scents

If you want your house to smell beautiful all the time, you need consider how all of the many aromas in your space interact, from your laundry detergent and perfume to your partner's shampoo and your children's bath soap. 

Layer Fragrances to Create a Custom Scent

While bespoke scent studios may help you create your own unique fragrance combination, you can do it yourself by layering different fragrances and items around your house.

Use Fresh or Dried Florals

Because they're relaxing and gentle, flowers and greenery are used in many house perfumes. Plant roses, gardenias, lilacs, and freesias in your garden, then harvest and arrange them in beautiful bouquets throughout your house.