7  Things You Should Buy Only at Grocery Stores

Fresh Produce

In supermarkets, fruits and vegetables are frequently less expensive, especially if you purchase in-season or discounted goods.

Bakery Items

At a grocery store, fresh bread, pastries, and other freshly baked goods—especially those made in-house—usually cost less.

Bulk Items

According to her, these products—grains, nuts, and spices—tend to be more affordable in supermarkets, particularly those that have bulk bins.

Store-Brand Products and Clearance Items

Another approach to save money while food shopping in-store rather than online is to take advantage of the fact that many supermarkets offer their own brand products at a lower price than name brands, which might not have an online equivalent, she continued.

Local Products

According to Schuering, store-bought goods like locally produced jams, honey, or artisan goods like chocolate frequently have lower prices because the extra expense of shipping is avoided.

“Specialty” or International Items

"Visit an international supermarket instead of jumping on Amazon to find pomegranate molasses, black vinegar, taro root, Kewpie mayo, or fresh curry leaves." She said, "Not only is the selection better, but the costs are frequently far lower than those found online.

Refrigerated or Frozen Foods

Purchasing in-store is usually the best option because transportation prices for perishables—such as frozen items, eggs, dairy products, meat, and seafood—are higher when they are preserved.