8 Plants That Attract Beautiful Bluebirds to Your Yard

Elderberry                           Elderberries are ideal for bluebirds because they provide both food and shelter. 

Flowering Dogwood The most prominent dogwood tree (Cornus florida, shown above) thrives in Zones 5-9. With a limited growth potential of up to 30 ft.

Eastern Red Cedar Eastern red cedars grow slowly, but can reach heights of about 70 feet tall. They are typically considered vital trees for local animal populations because of their size and durability.

Holly It is crucial to know that most holly plants are dioecious, which means you must grow both male and female plants in order to produce berries. 

Pokeweed If you notice pokeweed growing on your land, it's a good idea to keep it there for the benefit of the songbird population. However, keep in mind that maintenance will be essential.

Hawthorn Hawthorns are members of the Crataegus genus and are available in numerous varieties. 

Serviceberry Serviceberries are edible to humans, resistant to deer, and hardy in many zones. However, their growth tendencies could need upkeep and pruning.