7 Cheap Landscaping Updates That Make A Splash

Plant Perennials

Choose low-maintenance perennial plants that will come back year after year, saving you money on replacements. Look for native varieties that are well-suited to your climate and soil conditions.

Add Mulch

Mulching your flower beds not only improves the appearance of your landscaping but also helps retain moisture, suppress weeds, and regulate soil temperature. Opt for affordable options

Create Pathways

Define pathways with inexpensive materials like gravel, pea gravel, or stepping stones. This adds visual interest to your landscaping and makes it easier to navigate your yard.

Install Edging

Define the borders of your flower beds and pathways with inexpensive edging materials such as plastic or metal. This helps keep grass and weeds from encroaching into your garden areas.

Plant Ground Cover

Ground cover plants are an affordable way to fill in bare spots in your landscaping and provide texture and color. Choose varieties like creeping thyme or sedum 

Add Container Gardens

Planting flowers or small shrubs in containers is a cost-effective way to add color and interest to your landscaping. Look for inexpensive containers at thrift stores, garage sales

Prune and Trim

Regularly pruning and trimming your existing plants can improve their appearance and health without spending any money. Remove dead or overgrown branches, shape shrubs