7 Cartoons That Are Definitely Not For Children

Bob’s Burgers

"Bob’s Burgers" is family-friendly and adult-friendly. Many viewers like the Belcher family's colorful characters and daily adventures as burger restaurant proprietors.

Rick and Morty

In Dan Harmon's "Rick and Morty," eccentric scientist Rick and his impressionable grandson Morty have adventures. Show explores existential issues, alternate universes, and nihilism.

Human Resources

A spin-off of "Big Mouth," "Human Resources" focuses on the imaginary creatures that influence human behavior, such as hormone monsters, anxiety mosquitoes, and love bugs.

Family Guy

Satire and provocation characterize "Family Guy". The cartoon sitcom features the dysfunctional Griffin family in Quahog, Rhode Island, including pop culture references, satire, and silliness.

American Dad

"American Dad" offers a nuanced approach to satire compared to "Family Guy." It explores political and social issues through the lives of the Smith family and their eccentric household.

Big Mouth

The animated sitcom "Big Mouth" follows middle school friends through adolescence. Even though the characters are young, the show targets adults who remember their teens.

South Park

"South Park" is one of the most controversial cartoon shows. Trey Parker and Matt Stone's satire of politics, celebrity society, and current events is cutting and disturbing.