7 Black-and-White Dog Breeds That Are Too Cute to Ignore

It comes as no surprise that border collies with exceptional drive and trainability consistently place first in obedience and dog sports competitions.

Border collie

Though some have seal-and-white or brindle-and-white combinations, these smart canines are most commonly seen with black-and-white coats.

Boston terrier

It should come as no surprise that Chihuahuas occasionally sport black-and-white fur, as they are known to come in more colours and colour combinations than any other breed.


Cocker spaniels are the ideal fusion of cuddly and athletic.They are highly adaptable and simple to train dogs.

Cocker spaniel

The most famous black and white dogs are probably Dotty Dalmatians, whether you're thinking of the Disney film or their function as devoted firehouse mascots.


The classic appearance of these gundogs is white fur with liver-colored flecks; the black-flecked variation was only added to the official American Kennel Club standard very recently.

German shorthaired pointer

Known as "the Apollo of dogs," the Great Dane is a large, bright, courageous, and stunning creature. Great Danes with striking and unique harlequin patterns have white coats with noticeable black and grey areas. 

Great Dane