6 Health Benefits of Boxing

Improves heart health

Boxers must execute many high-intensity fights during training and matches. HIIT may force your body to regularly tolerate strong bursts of exercise

Aids weight loss

High-intensity boxing reduces body fat and improves body composition more than brisk walking. The intensity and whether you're sparring or hitting a bag affect how many calories you burn

Boosts whole-body strength

Most people assume punching strength originates from the shoulder, but it requires the whole body. To punch powerfully, the lower limbs must press against the ground and the rest of the body must coordinate.

Improves balance

Boxing requires mobility. It requires synchronized footwork, reactive movement tactics to changing situations, and physical power. All of these promote equilibrium. 

Decreases stress

Healthy stress relief, like punching a bag or concentration mitt, is therapeutic.Most boxing training and conditioning regimens include HIIT, which helps reduce stress.

Lowers blood pressure

Overall, boxing and HIIT exercise reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure, reducing blood vessel stress. HIIT boxing reduced blood pressure more than moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise in one research.