10 Fall Annuals That Add Color and Texture to Your Autumn Garden

Cone Flowers: Also known as echinacea, these native American wildflowers attract pollinators like butterflies and bees. Varieties to try include Avalanche and Cheyenne Spirit.

Canna Lilies: Thriving in late summer heat and continuing to bloom into fall, canna lilies require ample sunshine. Varieties to consider are Tropicana, Los Angeles, and Dwarf Cannas.

Nemesias: Despite their menacing name, these annuals bloom until frost and are native to sandy soil. Varieties to explore include Bluebird and Blood Orange.

Roses: With over 300 varieties, roses are versatile flowering shrubs that bloom into late fall. Consider varieties like Cabbage and Country.

Celosia: Known as cockscomb for its feather-like blooms, celosia comes in vibrant warm tones like pink, red, and burgundy. Varieties to check out are Flamingo, Celway, and Bombay.

African Daisies: These flowers boast stunning gradient colorways, ranging from white to purple with blue or purple centers. Varieties like Sunburst and Violet Ice offer beautiful options.

Japanese Anemone: Blooming from late summer to fall, this perennial comes in various shades and slowly spreads via underground rhizomes. Varieties like Fall in Love Sweetly and Curtain Call Deep Rose are worth considering.

Sweet Alyssum: With dainty pink or white flowers, sweet alyssum looks beautiful in containers or spilling over walls. Snow Princess and Dark Knight are notable varieties.

Goldenrod: Adding brightness to any yard, goldenrod is easy to grow and provides late-season nectar for bees and butterflies. Blue-stemmed and Goldrush are recommended varieties.

Marigold: These hardy annuals can withstand cool nights and light frost, blooming continuously until a hard freeze. Snap off the seed heads after blooming to save them for planting next spring.