10 Best Low Sugar Fruits to keep Diabetes under control

Limes and Lemons

Limes and lemons are culinary staples for adding zippy brightness to dishes. They also top this list as the lowest-sugar fruits, with 1 and 2 grams of sugar per fruits.


Although many people may assume that avocados are vegetables since they aren t very sweet, they are actually fruit. These creamy fruits have only 1 gram of suga.


Not only are juicy raspberries low in sugar, with just 5 grams of natural sugar per cup, but they are also low in calories and incredibly high in fiber.


Micko notes that kiwis "are also a rich source of carotenoids, a specific type of phytochemical that has been shown to promote eye and skin health.


Although they have slightly more sugar than raspberries, blackberries are another great low-sugar fruit. One cup of blackberries has just 7 grams of natural suga.


Strawberries may be one of the most popular small fruits on the market. In addition to offering almost 100% of the Daily Value for vitamin C per serving.


The lower sugar level of watermelon can be attributed in part to the high water content of this summer fruit. A 1-cup serving of watermelon has less than 10 grams of sugar.


You may be surprised that grapefruit, which is famously tart, is so high on the list. However, it is still considered a low-sugar fruit.


Biting into a sun-ripened, juicy and sweet peach may be the best of summer s simple pleasures. These fuzzy fruits have less than 13 grams of suga.


Papaya s 11 grams of sugar per cup is much lower than that of other popular tropical fruits like pineapple or mango. Additionally, papaya is high in folate.